The Truth About Trump’s “Shithole” Comment

First and foremost, I would not recommend that a President use the term ‘shithole’ in any presidential speech as it is not proper for the context in which he was talking. However, I will say that he is not wrong when it comes to the blunt facts about said countries. I offer up the following for every readers consideration:

I think the point must be made that, by abandoning one’s country they understand that situationally they must be living in a pretty bad place to start. So, let’s look at the facts that cause the pull for immigrants, illegal or legal, to jump ship and join the U.S. I think one thing no one can deny, is the want to come here as an immigrant is because of the amount of “free money” they can get through the welfare system. Personally, I would do the exact same thing if I was living in a impoverished country. The want to come to the United States could honestly end there, but for shits and giggles here’s a few more reasons. Children of immigrant parents account for almost 25% of the public school population, a sign to me that our school system is also worth leaving a home country for. The last thing I’ll point out as a pull factor for immigrants to come to the U.S. is the mere fact that the lower income jobs such as construction workers, maids, chauffeurs and taxi drivers are not being taken by native born citizens. This might be the more controversial part of the pull factors. There’s two sides to it, the more educated individuals become through high school, college and further, have less of a drive to work jobs like stated above. This day in age we graduate and expect to be paid a guaranteed salary that we could pay off school debt within a reasonable number of years. The will to climb the corporate ladder is no longer there. It’s a generation of “I want to be the boss now” that causes those lower income level jobs to be easily available for immigrants. On the opposite side of the problem is the fact that native born citizens can’t get those jobs that they desperately need because of the influx of immigrant workers that hold said jobs. It’s a vicious cycle of lazy “I want it now” individuals and immigrants willing to work for next to nothing in order to stay in the U.S. Enough of the pull factors, I think as Americans, we know there is plenty here for outsiders to be enticed by.

The push factors in my opinion are way too broad to cover though, there are countries that are suffering from things like natural disasters all the way to corrupt government systems and all of it in between. I think we know plenty of reasons why these countries can be consider “shitholes”, but I’m not here to point out the obvious. In my opinion, sending immigrants back to their home country should spark something inside each and everyone of them to do something about the situations they are in. It may seem like it’s being mean to just throw them back into the dog fight, but again I think they need to be put back in those situations. Think of it like this, they can be pioneering a “New World” in a way. If they need help from the Big Brother in order to do so then fine, but I don’t agree with just leaving a bad situation. I believe that if immigrants, including the original immigrants to this country, had just given up on building a new country then what would there have been to run to for immigrants now? I am not naive to the fact that overthrowing a corrupt government or rebuilding an entirely restructured country can’t happen overnight. However, they have plenty of outside resources to begin the process. It is never too late for the changes to be made in these countries, it just takes a push back that President Trump is doing and will more than likely continue to do that will spark the change needed.

I can only speculate like the rest of us as to what that change may be. I think we can rest assure that this move to start sending illegal immigrants back will be the beginning of something much greater than just a simple push of illegals out of the United States. All we can hope for is that America will truly be ‘Great Again’ because of the efforts of President Trump.

Till next time, Jericho Chappa.

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