The Left Resorts to Selective Journalism

If a massacre committed by a mentally unstable person with an AR-15 excites a movement for gun control, then conversely an instance of an active school shooter being neutralized by someone wielding a gun should contribute to the cause of increasing the presence of firearms throughout schools.

However, the opposite will prove true in the next few weeks in the aftermath of a school shooting in Lexington Park, Maryland. At Great Mills High School, a 17-year-old male student shot two students. The female victim would be taken off life support days later. In contrast to the way that the Parkland shooting will remain in the public eye indefinitely, remaining relevant due to the national walkout and March For Our Lives, this school shooting will fade from the news cycle and American political discourse relatively quickly.

The most easily understood reason why the media will allocate less time to cover this shooting is that it was less tragic than the scene at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. By no means is the one death caused as a result of the Great Mills shooting insignificant. In Florida, however, 17 people died, and more were injured. Inevitably, a shooting that causes such a great deal of death and destruction will receive more recognition than a shooting incident that was stopped before it could even inflict as much harm to be classified as a mass shooting.

This reveals the other, more malicious reason why left-wing outlets and publications will avoid reporting on the Maryland shooting. The events that took place at Great Mills undermines many components of their shared agenda related to guns. For example, a gun in the hands of a trained professional, in this case, school resource officer Blaine Gaskill, saved lives. This notion, however, that appropriate use of firearms can protect children in schools and not just be used for ruthless murder is incompatible with the narrative that guns kill people. Based on their own reporting, it is evident that this ideology has infiltrated the media. Furthermore, the fact that a 17-year-old was able to illegally obtain a handgun to use in an act of violence directly debunks the claims that gun control legislation is effective and that rifles are a sole threat to human life and must be more heavily regulated. When a gun is used to prevent a crime committed by an illegally used weapon, the media has no interest in pursuing the option of putting more guns in the able hands, even if it has a good chance of working. Instead, they remain persistent in their approach to endorse gun control legislation and broad firearms bans. Keep in mind that these are the same institutions that have committed themselves to the prevention of school shootings, championing phrases like “Never Again”, in hopes that the next generation would never have to experience the pain of another Columbine, Sandy Hook, or Parkland. Now that a possible solution, use of armed officers in schools, has demonstrated its effectiveness in practice, these organizations and publications will turn their heads the other way for a solely political purpose.

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