Terror Attack In Manhattan… What We Know

Eight people were killed in a terrorist attack in Manhattan on Tuesday. Here is what we know so far:

1. Officials are calling it a terrorist attack, but Governor Andrew Cuomo said: “There‚Äôs no evidence that suggests a wider plot or a wider scheme.”

2. The driver was named Sayfullo Saipov he came to the United States from Uzbekistan in 2010. He is a permanent legal citizen. He rented a truck from Home Depot and drove down a bike path that runs down the West Side Highway in Lower Manhattan. He was eventually shot in the hip by police. He was screaming Allahu Akbar.

3. Police found handwritten notes in Arabic that indicated that he had pledged allegiance to ISIS, next to the truck.

4. 11 people were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. six of the eight killed were pronounced dead on the scene. The other two died at the hospital.

5. When he jumped out of the truck, he was holding two fake weapons… A pellet gun and a paintball gun.

We will update you as more information comes out.

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