Why the left are the actual anti-progressives

Surely as an American citizen, you see countless photo-identical news outlets and various figures in the media speaking on behalf of us “lowly working class Americans” daily. In between bites of quinoa from their silver spoons, they spout buzzwords and phrases from their mouths such as “end rape culture”or “end racism”- both of which have been virtually eliminated in America since Eisenhower was elected. And the new left, Hollywood and mainstream media’s loyal idolaters, would put up a blade and die by anything they say. We’re meant to go along with whatever they say or be outcasted as a bigot or racist or misogynist or one of the many other -ist words they use to silence their intellectual competition, since their IQs if combined collectively could produce a high enough literacy rate to apply at McDonald’s- if they had jobs.

In the process of verbally beating hard working Americans into submission, the left has been able to push things down our throats that would otherwise be considered taboo or unfathomable. Whether it be opening up a drag club for children, making it legal to knowingly infect another with HIV, or even Salon.com giving a platform to a self-admitted pedophile for God sake. Now what do all of these things have in common? It’s not the fact that if our grandfathers knew of our fate, they’d have stopped storming Normandy and immediately surrendered. It’s the fact that they are all pushed under one giant umbrella term. And that term that rears it’s ugly head is progress. If you criticize anything on the new left’s agenda, you are forever labeled as “against progress”. If you don’t believe “transgender” children should be on hormone blockers, you’re against progress (and by the way, kids say idiotic things frequently. When I was young I wanted to be Tarzan. Where was the left fighting for my right to move to the jungle and be raised by some egotistic gorilla?). If you don’t want to see our beautiful country flooded with nonconforming migrants, you’re against progress. It is a blanket term used to silence us since progress is innately moral in itself. Or is it?

Progress is the utmost venerated concept in the lowly depths of the modern left. However, progress in the corrupted mind has a dangerous flaw. It does not simply mean to pick some one direction and advance forever at any and all costs. Let’s say you’re driving and you take a wrong exit. The path begins to increasingly seem strange and unlike it usually does. You could continue on that path but you would not reach your intended destination. Your other option would be to turn back and take the correct exit to reach your destination. Therefore, he who turns back and corrects his path would be the most progressive. You can keep moving down the wrong and immoral path, but you will never reach the correct destination. You can try time and time again to resculpt, with the incorrect tools, this society our ancestors gifted to us into something it is not, but it will ultimately crumble into a dreary pile of gray dust and be blown away by the breeze.

Kyle Maddux Kesler

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