Great News For President Trump

At the start of his Presidency, the left was doing everything they could to discredit President Trump’s victory. They launched a full fledged investigation into Russian interference… They came up with nothing. In fact, the entire investigation backfired and ended with investigations being opened into Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Now that they have realized that they can’ft discredit him, they are trying to prove he is unfit to serve as President, hoping that it will lead to his impeachment. The most recent set of attacks have been on his mental health. Democrats and the media have been claiming that Trump is “mentally unfit to serve as President!” Keep in mind they are saying this with zero evidence backing their claims.

President Trump recently underwent a full medical evaluation From Navy Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson, (as all President’s do once a year). The evaluation came back positive. Jackson said that the President will remain healthy for the duration of his Presidency, even pointing to his genetics as a cause for his overall good health.

The best news came, however, when Trump requested a mental evaluation to silence the claims from the left that he is mentally unfit. The conducted a Montreal Cognitive Assessment. Trump scored 30 out of 30.

So for all of the leftists out there claiming he is mentally unfit… time to move on to the next argument.

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