Fabricated and Calculated: The Myth of White Privilege

The United States is inherently racist and sexist. White people, who make up a significant majority of the nation’s population, are gifted exclusive advantages and opportunities unknown to the rest of the American people. It’s important that this is distinguished from individual cases of racism. Rather, white people are treated better than any other race, socially, legally, and institutionally. This can be traced back to the white founding fathers, who envisioned a country that would degrade all races except their own and therefore wrote the founding documents in a way that would weigh down minorities indefinitely. Or so the leftist fairytale goes.

This idea has, to the detriment of race relations, become mainstream. Shawn Carter, better known as Jay-Z has been the most recent perpetrator of spreading the idea of white privilege during an interview with David Letterman. He joins the many other celebrities and politicians spreading this theory who see proof in statistical racial disparities or perhaps in Jay-Z’s case, personal anecdotes. In his early life, he watched his father abandon the family and was surrounded by drug dealing and violence in the projects of Brooklyn. Many would cite this as one of many cases that validates the claim that society and government set obstacles in front of racial minorities to deter them from being successful. After all, the average white person is perceived to be born into a more financially stable and safe household. These arguments are greatly mistaken.

In reality, the fact that Jay-Z was born in a less than ideal situation debunks white privilege. In a country that is truly racist and intent on hindering minority success, it would be almost impossible for someone like Jay-Z to attain any degree of prosperity. They would have to overcome the difficulties of living in an underprivileged household while also dealing with white supremacy. Yet, stories like these are not isolated incidents. There are far too many famous and wealthy minorities for white privilege to even be plausible. After all, a black man sat in the Oval Office for eight years. Besides common sense logic, there is more than sufficient evidence to put this claim to rest. Asian Americans, who are less than 6 percent of the population, earn more than whites on average. Whites commit suicide at rates higher than any other race. Even statistics that might suggest white privilege, like high incarceration rates within the African American population, can be more precisely attributed to cultural trends and individual decisions than a universal looming presence of racism. It is safe to say that America is not racist. Anybody, regardless of skin color, has the capacity to rise from even the most unprivileged circumstances and reach affluence. Consequently, even white people experience hardship.

Besides being false, the message of white privilege is an extremely divisive one, as it pits fellow Americans against each other on the basis of skin color. Why, is it then, that the left makes it such a priority to further this type of rhetoric? It all has to do with one of their chief strategies to earning loyal voters: victimization. Whether it be minorities, or women, or members of the LGBT community, the left loves to identify groups that can be presented as victims of societal or governmental oppression. White privilege actually operates in conjunction with male privilege, straight privilege, the list goes on. They’ll intentionally do their best to emotionally convince anyone that isn’t a straight white male that this country has done them wrong, that they are viewed as inferior in the eyes of the law. The resulting solutions and reforms they demand can all be boiled down to more federal government intervention. In the case of white privilege, more government means racial quotas and “positive discrimination”. If the far left had it their way, it would also mean economic reparations for white people. These policies have corrupted the term social justice and betray the principles this country was founded. Even worse, that’s probably exactly what the modern left wants.

One thought on “Fabricated and Calculated: The Myth of White Privilege

  • August 27, 2018 at 3:53 pm

    I wish Americans would see eachother as Americans alone, no matter the skin color or culture. These stareotypes of blacks being poor and whites being racist and privileged only divide the country.


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