The F Word and the B Word – How Feminism Today is Regressive, Not Progressive.

That’s right, “F” as in forward and “B” as in backward.

I’ve always thought the term itself was odd… Feminism… meaning men and women should have equal rights. Imagine if Vegetarians just really wanted to make sure people get a balanced diet of meat and veggies. Got to thank history, not Latin for that one.

Anyway, semantics aside, the Feminism of the past was a necessary and big step forward. Anytime there’s a movement for a group of people that have been identified and limited by physical features to be acknowledged as a human and nothing less—that’s progress.

Though, here’s where new wave Feminism comes in, throws thinking into reverse and drops a rainbow combat boot on the gas. New feminism is more about hate, self-pity and differentiation than equality. It’s also a huge slap in the face of the incredible women who have left craters in every facet of history. No vagina hats or man-hating necessary.

Here’s why it’s moving backward, not forward:

The first big issue with modern Feminism is these women are upset that they are being put at a disadvantage for being a woman, then turning around and cursing all men just for being men. Holding anyone with a penis accountable for the actions of a few disappointments. Perpetuating blanket judgments and widespread hate. Today, women face hardships in the form of encountering perverts, bigots, sexists and their own self-esteem issues. But hey, no matter what form of human are, you will experience hate and ignorance at some point. It’s those moments you have to make a decision. Do you begin to hate too? Do you move along confident in your value and aware that the person who just spewed on you is a sad, pathetic person? (Spoiler: evil comes in all shapes, sizes, genders, races and even glitter) Instead, many have had bad experiences with men and now hate them all. Singling out and even hating, an entire group because of their sex is exactly what they are both hating and embodying. There’s a word for that…

The second issue is they are lumping in the LGBT and 76 new genders. Regressive thinking. We’re trying to put our carnal differences aside to achieve a higher level of equality and this is just the opposite. Now they’re forcing people into boxes with labels and demanding that everyone is aware of and accepting of their physical, sexual and emotional choices. Those things have nothing to do with how they contribute to society, each other or the future. There’s more strength in loving yourself and others for their intangible qualities like generosity, intelligence, kindness, vision…etc. Indentifying as an intellectual or creative is far more meaningful and empowering than identifying as a gender-fuild, dragon-born, kajhit. If people take pride and had confidence in who they are, what they are is irrelevant.

The third issue is choice. New feminism has a loud voice for women and their choices when it comes to an unwanted pregnancy. Women have a myriad of responsible, educated choices to make for themselves before a new innocent life is involved. Responsible drinking, birth control pills, condoms and *gasp* abstinence. Yes, there are tragic cases where it’s not up to the woman. But taking the life a beautiful innocent baby when there are families who would love them is a tragedy in and of itself. And that is a small percentage of cases… behind the heartbreaking statistic of infant lives terminated every year, there is a woman who had a lot of responsible choices to make for herself before she punished an innocent life.

Then, here we are with women wearing vagina hats holding signs like “Pussy PWR!” all with the aim of getting respect. Women are incredible for a million other reasons… representing them with the sex organs they were born with is an ignorant, tasteless and barbaric way to try to send an important message. (That has already been sent.) Another move toward emphasizing and celebrating physical differentiation instead of pointing neon signs to the accomplishments and brilliance of women despite setbacks. Powerful women inspire others with greatness, big thinking and vision, not meaningless shock value.

A step forward for Feminists would be to stop giving ignorant and hateful people so much credit and acknowledge how far women have come, how much they have done, are doing, will do—and how now, our generation of women can stop the junvenile men vs. women culture. Embracing their skills, celebrating their opportunity and putting the sexist bigots back under their bridges where they belong. Regardless of political affiliation, women need to acknowledge the accomplishments of other women. AT THE END OF THE DAY, WE ARE ALL HUMANS. Simple. Don’t make it hard. A brain with thoughts, a heart with love, a body with life and a life with endless opportunity. Gather together to innovate, move and shake, not march and hate. Higher level ladies! Feminists are embarrassing to those of us women out there who want to think beyond the panties. Until they change their platform, this women is proud to stand strong and happy without them.

Written by: Naomi Neal – Writer, Creative, Futurist, Mother.

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