Democracy: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Plato, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Immanuel Kant. These are intellectual figures you’ve most likely heard of within your course of education. But I’d be willing to bet no teacher or professor in our (now leftist-infested) school system would tell you the correlation amongst them, and said correlation is that each one of these people rejected the idea of democracy. Ah democracy. The idea that mine and your rights our creator has endowed on us can be trampled upon if the majority says so. For example, imagine living in a culture where cannibalism was accepted (which it is in certain places around the world, even in 2018. I believe President Trump had a certain term to accurately describe these nations) by the majority and refusing to consume human flesh for a ceremony was against the law since, let’s say, 41 of 80 tribesmen found it acceptable. That leaves 39 tribesmen who know for a fact it is morally wrong. They have the endowed right to abstain from consuming it, but since the majority of tribesmen voted in favor, the minority are forced to defy moral law. I could provide countless examples of democracy not working, but had the United States been a true democracy around November of last year, Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits would be overflowing the presidential wardrobe and for me, that’s proof enough. But for those of you who would like further convincing, I’ll be your guide.

The Danger of an Uninformed Society

Sir Winston Churchill put it best when he said “the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” I’m going to attempt to put this is the most politically correct way possible: A vast majority of people are politically and economically illiterate. Or in layman’s terms, most people are easily persuaded idiots. It’s just a simple truth. Why would we even be quoting specific figures like Plato and Churchill if we all had the same knowledge? There would be no intellectual, no one would stand out. Popular conservative youtuber, Mark Dice, uploaded a video about a year ago entitled “Millennials: The Dumbest Generation in History?” in which he walked the streets of California presenting passerbys with simple questions every American should know such as “Who won the Civil War?”. Now, my 5 year old cousin could tell you this but of all the people interviewed, just two of them knew- one of which was Canadian. This is alarming, considering all of them were old enough to vote for the leader of our country. This is especially dangerous in a society where we idolize musicians, actors, and even Cartel leaders (see the cultural influence El Chapo had in rap music- which herds in the youth). They see these people as absolute Gods amongst men, and it’s no secret that the entertainment industry is a breeding ground for ultra-liberal views. The fact that citizens blindly follow celebrities is a frightening one. The fact that celebrities like Meryl Streep (who isn’t even that great of an actress) can blatantly lie in award acceptance speeches about the then presidential candidate, Donald Trump, “mocking a disabled reporter” is even more frightening. And the thing is, their followers eat it up like it was a piece of avocado toast. Most people today vote with their hearts and not their brains, therefore making emotionally based decisions regardless if it would work or not, and spoiler alert: it never does.

Hierarchy and Order: Our Oldest Ally

Nearly every group of beings that have ever existed have had some sort of hierarchy. the British Empire has had kings and queens, the Roman Empire had an emperor, American Indians had chiefs, and even on a smaller scale, nuclear families have a breadwinner. Humans are innately wired to conform to some sort of structure and order. The Theory of Evolutionary Leadership was coined by Professor Mark van Vugt: Professor of social and organizational psychology (VU University Amsterdam and University of Oxford). One of the key points it states is that “leading and following are adaptive behavioural strategies that have evolved to solve social coordination problems in ancestral groups (e.g. moving to new areas, big game hunting or conflicts with other groups)”. Meaning that our ancestors had leaders and followers, or looked to someone to take charge and command in the same way animals have pack leaders. I believe that is one of the reasons humans look to religion as a guideline on how to live their lives. It gives us some sort of comfort knowing that someone (or something) somewhere is looking out for our best interests. Now of course hierarchy can be corrupted, but as can any form of government, household, company, or even a single person. In a democracy, there is simply more to be corrupted.

Today’s Majority Cannot Rule

If there is one central message you should take away from this, it’s that you are endowed with unalienable rights upon conception (regardless of what Planned Parenthood says) to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You cannot be stripped of these rights just because the majority says so. The majority has been wrong about many things in the past such as slavery and women’s suffrage. If our culture follows through with it’s divisive brainwashing attempt, the majority will never be right about anything again. You have to dare to speak out in a time of moral decay, even to the disdain of all around you, otherwise you’re no better than the wiles we stand against in a plane of moral depravity.

Written by Kyle Maddux Kesler
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