Big Takeaways From The Long Awaited JFK Files

Last Thursday, more than 2,800 pages of documents pertaining to the JFK files were released, capturing the interest of so many curious Americans. After reading through them, we came up with some pretty interesting takeaways from the files:

1. On November 24th, 1963, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover expressed concern that the death of Lee Harvey Oswald, (who was the killer of President Kennedy), would result in the American people questioning his guilt. He said that we needed to find concrete evidence.

2.Oswald Spoke with members of the KGB just TWO months before the assassination of President Kennedy. The call was intercepted between Oswald and Counsel Valeriy Vladimirovich Kostikova who was an identified KGB officer.

3. President Lyndon B. Johnson believed that the assassination was retaliation for the killing of the Vietnamese President.

4. The KGB thought that President Johnson may have been behind the assassination.

5. The CIA was already investigating Oswald for possibly meeting with the KGB in Mexico.

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